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Drenda On Guard

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We are at war. There is a spiritual battle raging for the hearts, souls, and very lives of our children. In her latest initiative—Drenda on Guard—Drenda Keesee is leading the charge to “take up the full armor of God,” and she wants to empower YOU to stand with her. She tackles current events, politics, legislation, and biblical prophecies that impact your life. Join Drenda to advance the Kingdom until Jesus returns.

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Drenda On Guard
  • How To Become An Entrepreneur in 2024

    Episode 113

    Join us as Drenda interviews Gary Keesee about his new book "Open For Business: Unlocking Your Inner Entrepreneur". Discover the secrets in finance that became their answer to freedom and the knowledge about money they've uncovered on their journey. Dive deep into business strategies and take hol...

  • Inside Diddy's Exclusive Parties: Illuminati Connections Exposed!

    Episode 112

    Join us as we dive into the secretive world of Diddy's exclusive parties, where rumors of Illuminati connections abound. Discover hidden secrets, celebrity guests, and intriguing symbolism in this eye-opening exploration. Uncover the mysteries with us in this revealing investigation!

  • How To Spot Gender Dysphoria In YOUR Family | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 111

    Join Drenda as she sheds light on identifying signs of gender dysphoria within your family in this eye-opening video. Gain insights into recognizing these signs and learn how to offer support to those affected. Explore this important topic with us and subscribe for more valuable discussions on fa...

  • The Rough Road To Political Success | Drenda On Guard & FlashPoint Live

    Episode 110

    Join Drenda as she explains her road to political success in this compelling video. Discover the challenges and triumphs Drenda faced on her journey to success. Whether you're interested in politics or leadership, this discussion provides valuable insights and inspiration.

  • Is This The Future Of 2024? | Drenda On Guard & Dr. Avery Jackson

    Episode 109

    Curious about the future of 2024? Join host Drenda and special guest Dr. Avery Jackson as they discuss pandemic related advancements and changes. From cutting-edge technology to societal shifts, they explore what's on the horizon. Stick around as they also discuss the unpredictable topic of futur...

  • Jonathan Cahn's Prophecy For 2024 Is Shocking! | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 108

    Prepare to be stunned as renowned prophetic voice Jonathan Cahn unveils his shocking prophecy for 2024! Join us as we delve into Cahn's insightful revelations, offering profound insights into what the future holds. Don't miss this compelling video that may change the way you view the world.

  • Are We Repeating Biblical History? | Drenda On Guard & Jonathan Cahn

    Episode 107

    Join host Drenda and special guest Jonathan Cahn in this thought-provoking discussion as they delve into the intriguing question: "Are We Repeating Biblical History?" Explore the parallels between contemporary events and ancient prophecies, especially focusing on end-time prophecies. Gain insight...

  • Election Fraud Exposed?! | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 106

  • Is Civil War Inevitable?! | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 105

    In this episode Drenda delves deep into the escalating tension between President Biden and Governor Abbott over the Texas border. Is Civil War inevitable, or can a resolution be found? Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of the political battlefield, as we unravel the shocking truth behin...

  • How Does The Blood Of Jesus Affect YOUR Life? | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 104

    Drenda and guest Ginger Ziegler share insightful perspectives, backed by scripture, on how the blood of Jesus brings transformation, healing, and purpose to our lives. This is a heartfelt exploration that aims to deepen your understanding of the divine connection we have through the sacrifice of ...

  • This Prophecy For 2024 Is SHOCKING | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 103

    In this riveting video, join host Drenda and special guest Ginger Ziegler as they unveil a SHOCKING prophecy for the year 2024! Delve into the mysteries of what the future holds as they explore fascinating insights and prophecies. From intriguing world events to personal revelations, this discuss...

  • Epstein Documents REVEALED?! Here's What We Know | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 102

    Explore the latest revelations surrounding the Epstein case as Drenda dives into recently uncovered documents. Unearth the shocking details and get a comprehensive overview of what we know so far. Stay informed on this developing story that continues to captivate the public's attention.

  • Who's Behind This SHOCKING Agenda? | Drenda On Guard & Richard Harris

    Episode 101

    Join host Drenda and special guest Richard Harris for this interview where she discussed her new book on his show "Truth and Liberty: Live!" They also discuss the spiritual implications of the times we're living in, political issues of today, and the end times.

  • What is the future of America?

    Episode 100

    Join host Drenda and special guest Senator Jason Rapert in a riveting discussion on America's future. Delve into the challenges and opportunities shaping the nation in 2024. Subscribe for a concise exploration of key factors influencing the United States. Don't miss this insightful dialogue!

  • Can Conservatives Win The 2024 Election? | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 99

    Join us for a compelling discussion on the prospects of conservatives winning the 2024 election, hosted by Drenda. In this insightful episode, we're honored to have Senator Jason Rapert from Arkansas as our special guest, bringing his wealth of experience and perspectives to the conversation. Tog...

  • These Numbers Will Shock You... | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 98

    Join Drenda in this thought-provoking video as she delves into the often-misunderstood topic of COVID vaccine safety. In a balanced and informative discussion, Drenda explores the actual data surrounding reported deaths related to the COVID vaccine, separating fact from fiction.

  • We Must Stop The NWO | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 97

    Brace yourselves for an eye-opening journey as Drenda unravels the intricate web of the New World Order. In this compelling video, Drenda delves into the shadows to expose the global agenda that has been whispered about for decades. From clandestine organizations to covert operations, no stone is...

  • Who Is Satan REALLY After? | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 96

    Explore the intriguing depths of the age-old question: "Who Is Satan REALLY After?" In this thought-provoking video, we delve into the various perspectives and interpretations surrounding the ultimate adversary. Join us on a journey to unravel the mysteries behind Satan's true agenda.

  • How To End Teen Suicide - With Dean Sikes | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 95

    In this powerful and insightful conversation, Drenda is joined by special guest Dean Sikes to address a critical issue that affects far too many young lives. Together, they explore proactive strategies, open-hearted conversations, and community support systems that can make a significant differen...

  • What on Earth is COP28? - Unveiling the New World Order | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 94

    Welcome to an eye-opening exploration of COP28, the global summit that threatens to reshape our world. In this video, join Drenda as we uncover the dangers of this pivotal event and its potential impact on the future. Get ready to delve into the depths of this influential conference and understan...

  • Israel VS Hamas: What They WON'T Tell You | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 93

    Join Drenda as she sits down for an insightful interview with Gary Kah to uncover the hidden truths about the Israel-Hamas conflict. Together, they discuss the intricate details, historical context, and underreported aspects of this ongoing struggle in the Middle East.

  • They're Poisoning Our Kids | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 92

    Join Drenda for this insightful episode as she dives deep with Dr. Avery Jackson on the harmful side-effects of vaccines. Along with Big Pharma's plot to sterilize America's children.

  • Exposing Satan's End Time Agenda | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 91

    Drenda and Special Guest Courtenay Turner delve into Satan's evil agenda for the end times and shed light on how we're living in these prophesied moments. Join us for a gripping discussion on the signs and symbols signaling the culmination of history, giving you crucial insights to navigate these...

  • Only YOU Can Stop The New World Order! | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 90

    Join Drenda and special guest Bob McEwen in this insightful discussion about the vital role of Americans in upholding biblical principles through voting and running for office. Discover how taking an active stance in the political sphere can help unify the nation and align our values with the tim...