Open for Business | Provision Conference

Open for Business | Provision Conference

The Provision Conference will help you to:

• Break through your comfort zone and conquer fear.

• Develop the entrepreneurial mindset you need to thrive.

• Learn how to hear new ideas from God to create and seize wealth in business.

• Receive timely instruction from successful entrepreneurs who will challenge your perspective and push you to think in a new, successful way.

• Receive step-by-step teaching on how to grow your business using new tools for marketing, organization, and branding!

• Now is the time to be strong and courageous! Push fear aside and trust God!

Open for Business | Provision Conference
  • Open for Business | Gary Keesee

    Whether you recognize it right now or not, YOU have the power to produce something, make something, or do something to capture money, change your life, and further the Kingdom of God. Discover how to work together with God to capture wealth and change your life in this mindset-shifting first sess...

  • The Only Limit on the Kingdom of God is… You. | Paul Rankin

  • The Power of Stories | Tom Keesee

    Stories have the power to connect us and persuade us. Learn the power of stories, the formula of stories, and how to tell a consistent, clear story to communicate better with your audience in this motivating workshop.

  • Side Hustles Unleashed: Turning Passions into Profits | Tim Keesee

    What’s your dream for your life? What do you want to do with your time? Who do you want to be? Who has God created you to be? Discover how your side hustles and passions can help get you there in this perspective-changing workshop.

  • Understanding and Building a Profit and Loss Statement | Mackenzie C. Hesselroth

    Knowing how to create an accurate profit and loss statement is essential for small businesses. Learn how to build this statement and how to keep it updated easily so you can focus on making money.

  • The Unfair Advantage | Amy Keesee Freudiger

    God wants to take you to places of influence and favor. He wants you to show His goodness to others. It’s time to blow people’s minds! Discover all God is trying to get to you and the unfair advantage He has given you that is going to take this world by surprise in this energizing session.

  • Kingdom Stories | Marc Stephens and Panel

    At Faith Life Now, we love to share stories. We share stories from real people who have experienced real change—people who have come to understand who God really is, what He has promised, and have seen incredible things happen in their lives as a result. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the po...

  • What Small Business Owners Need to Know About IRS Compliance | Dan Pilla

    What are the IRS’s audit initiatives? How are they going after small businesses? What can you do to protect your business and yourself? Get equipped with the knowledge you need in this eye-opening workshop.

  • Forward Financial Group | Aaron Ward

    What is the Forward Financial Group, and how can they help you get out of debt, safeguard your investments, build wealth, and fund the Gospel? Get those answers and more in this informational workshop.

  • Having a Supernatural Business | Gary Keesee

    Being average isn’t an option. God wants to raise you up to cause astonishment. How? How can you operate at an astonishing level in business? How can you have a supernatural business? Learn from Gary, his extraordinary personal experiences, and the other incredible stories shared in this power-pa...

  • What Do You ‘Say’ When You Walk in a Room? | Bert Lindsay

    Whether you realize it or not, everything you do says something. As a business owner, as a leader, as a believer, what are you saying to others? What are you communicating? Find out in this encouraging session packed with easy-to-remember tips and pointers that will have you thinking, acting, and...

  • Social Strategy | Kirsten McKinney

    Do you have “social media guilt”? Do you feel like your business isn’t keeping up with social media? Are you trying to keep up with what you see other people doing in digital marketing? Check out this very practical workshop packed with digital marketing insights that will help you build an effec...

  • 15 Most Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make | Dan Pilla

    Are you open for business? Are you ready to create wealth? Avoid some of the most common pitfalls entrepreneurs and small business owners fall into when starting and operating a business with the information gained in this workshop.

  • Leading People & Building a Team | Jason Freudiger

    Leadership shapes the culture of an organization. What leadership style is most effective for growth? Get that answer and more in this coaching-style workshop and Q&A session that will give you the understanding you need to see better results in yourself, your people, and your business.

  • Your Story Is Being Written | Drenda Keesee

    Your life is a story. God is raising you up to help somebody. He’s raising you up to share your story so someone else can hear it and say, “I can make it too.” But the enemy will try to attack and move you away from everything you’re called to do. This humorous and personal session will give you ...