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Fixing The Money Thing

Occupy: Provision 2023, Part Three


Up Next in Season 16

  • Occupy: Provision 2023, Part Two

    The conquering is finished; it’s time for us to go out and occupy. What does that look like? Join Gary Keesee for today’s episode as he shares about the authority you have been given to occupy because of the conquering Jesus already did.

  • Occupy: Provision 2023, Part One

    You never benefit from something you don’t occupy. What is occupying? How do you do it? Join Gary Keesee for this pivotal episode as he explains what occupying is and how you can take the first step into occupying your destiny.

  • June 2023 Economic Update

    There’s something in life that we will face, and more than half of Americans say that they are unprepared for it. What is it? Join Gary and Drenda Keesee for this vital episode as they discuss retirement and how you can make sure you are financially secure and ready for your retirement!