• Does Spiritual Freedom Still Exist In America? | Drenda On Guard

    Check out Drenda’s latest video where she explores the question, "Does Spiritual Freedom Still Exist in America?" Join her as she delves into this thought-provoking topic and discusses its implications.

  • Open for Business, Part Two

    You have to be so committed to your vision that you’ll do whatever it takes. Are you ready? Join Drenda Keesee for this episode as she uses her own life experiences to share that you have to be all in with God. You can’t be on the fence.

  • Fixing The Foundation, Faith

  • Kingdom Teaching: Can God Trust You with Correction?

    The only way to promotion is through correction. We all have to be humble and continue learning if we expect to advance in life. What does that mean? Join Gary Keesee for this instructional episode as he shares that correction from God is not to make you feel bad about yourself. Instead, it is to...

  • Open for Business | Provision Conference

    15 items

    The Provision Conference will help you to:

    • Break through your comfort zone and conquer fear.

    • Develop the entrepreneurial mindset you need to thrive.

    • Learn how to hear new ideas from God to create and seize wealth in business.

    • Receive timely instruction from successful entrepreneurs wh...

  • Open Heaven

    1 season

    Open Heaven Band is a passionate collective of singers, songwriters, and musicians based out of the worship ministry of Faith Life Church, located in Columbus, Ohio. With progressive and ambient pop sounds mixed with the power of live worship, Faith Life Worship released their first artist, Open ...

  • Faith Life Church Service