Faith Hunt

Faith Hunt

5 Episodes

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Faith Hunt
  • Faith Hunt: Preparing for Your Harvest

    Episode 5

    Are you prepared for a harvest? How do you know if you are? Gary Keesee dives into knowing how to prepare for your harvest and what that looks like in this episode of Faith Hunt, including a story from a couple who share what they prepared for and what their harvest looked like.

  • Faith Hunt: Practice

    Episode 4

    Practice is what everyone needs if they want to get good at something. You need to stop rehearsing the disappointment of past failures so your life can be changed drastically by God and His plan for you! Join Gary Keesee as he shares about how it’s okay not to always have everything perfect and h...

  • Faith Hunt: Preparation

    Episode 3

    You need to be in the right spot when you’re hunting, as well as being in the right spot to prepare for a harvest in your life. How do you get to that spot? Join Gary Keesee as he talks about knowing the principles and what preparation looks like using personal stories from his family to show wha...

  • Faith Hunt: A Great Pheasant Hunt

    Episode 2

    Everyone is on the hunt for something, whether it’s for an animal or maybe the next great bargain. What are you hunting for? Join Gary Keesee as he talks about mastering your faith so your hunt doesn’t need to be something you dread doing. He also shares stories from his and his wife, Drenda’s ow...

  • Faith Hunt: Hunting by Faith, 2021 Deer Hunt

    People are always hunting for something, and there are principles of faith you can learn to help make your hunt easier. Join Gary Keesee as he shares stories on how God used deer hunting to bring life changing revelation on how faith works to him, as well as a story of a couple who had to walk ou...