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Drenda On Guard

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We are at war. There is a spiritual battle raging for the hearts, souls, and very lives of our children. In her latest initiative—Drenda on Guard—Drenda Keesee is leading the charge to “take up the full armor of God,” and she wants to empower YOU to stand with her. She tackles current events, politics, legislation, and biblical prophecies that impact your life. Join Drenda to advance the Kingdom until Jesus returns.

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Drenda On Guard
  • Donald Trump Has Been Arrested?! | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 86

    Drenda weighs in on the arrest of Donald Trump, sparking a conversation about election interference. Join the discussion as we delve into the legal and political implications of this event.

  • We Can't Let Satan Win This Battle | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 85

    Join Pastor Drenda and special guests, Pastors Peter and Bev Mortlock, for a thought-provoking discussion on government overreach and its impact on our lives. In this candid conversation, they delve into the balance between governmental authority and individual freedoms, exploring how faith plays...

  • Will ESG Destroy America?! | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 84

    Join Drenda in a thought-provoking exploration of whether ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors will reshape or potentially harm America. Delve into the debate about the impact of sustainability, ethics, and corporate responsibility. Let's dissect the potential consequences and bene...

  • Reunite America We're Taking Our Country Back: Drenda On Guard

    Episode 83

  • Protect YOUR Money From The New World Order | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 82

    Join Drenda as she tackles the issue of finances under the looming threat of a new world order, with special guests Gary Keesee, and Floyd G. Brown. In today's episode, Drenda dives into methods and strategies that will help you protect your finances against corrupt governments and safeguard your...

  • Can YOU Destroy The Deep State?! | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 81

    Join Drenda as she fearlessly dives into the depths of the enigmatic world of the deep state. In this captivating video, Drenda sheds light on the hidden forces at play and reveals a comprehensive guide on dismantling the deep state's influence.

  • The Gloves Are OFF: Reclaiming America Together | Drenda On Guard

    Episode 80

    Join us for a powerful conversation with Floyd Brown as we explore how we, as united citizens, can take America back and shape a brighter future for our nation. In this thought-provoking video, we discuss practical and inclusive strategies to bridge divides, foster understanding, and work togethe...

  • Drenda On Guard: The Most Important Vote Of Your Life

    Episode 79

    "Join Drenda and Aaron Baer in this crucial conversation as they delve into the significance of Issue One and why it holds the power to shape the future of the pro-life movement. In this thought-provoking video, they discuss how voting on Issue One can make a profound impact on protecting the san...

  • Drenda On Guard: The AI Takeover Is Here: Will YOU Be Affected?

    Episode 78

    "In this eye-opening video Drenda delves deep into the potential risks and hazards associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its profound impact on our society. Join us as we embark on a thought-provoking journey that reveals the darker side of AI's advancements and its potential negative ...

  • Drenda On Guard: These Companies Made A HUGE Mistake

    Episode 77

    Join Drenda in this captivating video as she explores the turbulent journeys of massive corporations that faced consequences after embracing the concept of "going woke."

  • Drenda On Guard: Exclusive Interview with Lance Wallnau

    Episode 76

    Discover the Future of America and the Seven Mountains of Influence in this exclusive interview with renowned speaker and author, Lance Wallnau. Gain unique insights into how each mountain - business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family, and religion - shapes the destiny of...

  • Drenda On Guard: Flash Point Live!

    Episode 75

  • Drenda On Guard: The Border Is Worse Than We Thought...

    Episode 74

    In this eye-opening video, join Drenda as she sheds light on the escalating border crisis plaguing America. Delving into the heart of the issue, Drenda provides an in-depth analysis of the alarming consequences that this crisis brings to the forefront. With an unwavering commitment to truth, she ...

  • Drenda On Guard: The Most Corrupt Politician In America?! Biden Crime Family

    Episode 73

    Join us as Drenda delves into the corruption surrounding President Biden and his family in this thought-provoking video. With meticulous research and compelling evidence, Drenda uncovers various claims and controversies, shedding light on potential ethical concerns that have emerged during Biden'...

  • Drenda On Guard: Feminism Exposed: The Ugly Truth Behind the Movement

    Episode 72

    In this video, Drenda and Pastor Ghilaine Darnell expose the lies and destructive agenda behind feminism. They break down the myth of gender inequality and reveal the true goal of the feminist movement: to destroy the traditional family structure and turn women against men. Watch as they destroy ...

  • Drenda On Guard: The Beginning Of The New World Order?!

    Episode 71

    In this episode, Drenda and her husband Gary Keesee, dive deep into the collapse of First Republic Bank and how it could potentially signal the beginning of a new world order. They explore the reasons behind the bank's collapse and its ripple effects on the economy, as well as offer insights into...

  • Drenda On Guard: The Music Industry EXPOSED: Elvis Presley Estate Breakdown

    Episode 70

    Join Drenda as she uncovers the truth about the music industry in this eye-opening video. Prepare to have your mind blown as she reveals the hidden secrets and manipulations behind the scenes. Not only does Drenda expose the industry, but she also delves into the ongoing Elvis Presley estate disp...

  • Drenda On Guard: Is America Going To Become The Next Banana Republic?!

    Episode 69

    In this video, Drenda shares her insights on the current state of America and expresses her concerns about the country's future direction. She explores the concept of a 'banana republic' and how it relates to the political and economic instability that many Americans are currently experiencing. D...

  • Drenda On Guard: Is The Transgender Community After YOUR Family?!

    Episode 68

    In this video, Drenda will discuss the rise of violent attacks from the transgender community in America and how they could come after your family. We'll explore the dangers posed by this community and discuss ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. With the rising number of transgender ind...

  • Drenda On Guard: This Has To End: Are We Dealing With Domestic Terrorists?

    Episode 67

    In this episode, we dive into the disturbing rise of trans community violence and its connection to the recent school shooting at a Christian school in Tennessee. Join us as we uncover the dark truth behind these tragic events and explore what needs to be done to prevent them from happening again...

  • Drenda On Guard: The Dark Truth: Global Government Corruption Exposed

    Episode 66

    Join Drenda in this insightful conversation as she discusses the extreme corruption in global governments and the impact of corruption on society as a whole.

  • Drenda On Guard: Prophecy and False Prophets, What the Bible Says

    Episode 65

    Discover the gift of prophecy and how to use it responsibly, while also learning how to avoid the dangers of false prophets. In this video, Drenda explores the biblical definition of prophecy and its purpose, and offers tips for discerning truth from deception. Don't be led astray by charismatic ...

  • Drenda On Guard: A Trump Indictment?! What Could This Mean For America?

    Episode 64

    In this video, Drenda discusses the possible indictment of former President Donald Trump and highlights what she believes are the flaws in the legal case against him. She explores the motivations behind the indictment and raises questions about the validity of the evidence being presented. Drenda...

  • Drenda On Guard: The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

    Episode 63

    In this insightful conversation Drenda, Pastor Gary Keesee, and Jay Plourde discuss the shocking collapse of the Silicon Valley bank and provide practical tips to help viewers stay protected and avoid being negatively impacted. Jay Plourde, a former Wall Street banker, shares his expertise and in...